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Monthly Contest


Every month we celebrate a contest here at DJs Music, with a monetary prize given by us. We guarantee a minimum prize of 50$, although it might be more if more people sign up. It's free to join, and there are no restrictions as to country or age (Please read the Contest ToS and Guidelines for more information)

To submit a song, go to the song's page, and click on "Submit to monthly contest" on the right

The exact jackpot for each month can be seen at the homepage. It will start at 50$, and will increase as more people join the contest. There is only one winner, determined by the number of votes he/she receives during the month. Any type of cheating, using multiple accounts, hacking... will result in inmediate expulsion from the contest for ever, and possible legal actions.

For any doubt or problem please don't hesitate to contact us!

You can sign up for the contest any day during the previous month, you can also change the song you will submit if you want, although once the contest start you won't be able to. You can retire from the contest any time you want of course.

We reserve the right to ban any DJ we consider appropriate from the contest, please read our submission guidelines for more information on this.

Submitting copyrighted music will result in a permanent ban!


Submission guidelines:

Please read the following guidelines very carefully before submitting a song:

  • Copyrighted music results in inmediate and permanent ban
  • One person is allowed to submit one song per contest
  • You must be 18 years old, or count with your legal tutor's permission to submit a song
  • We will send the prize via Paypal after we verify the above via email, so a valid email address is required
  • If your song is found invalid after you have earned the prize you will have to refund it in order to participate again
  • The DJs Music staff reserves its right to delete any submission we consider appropriate
  • Only original work is allowed!
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